Mobil armour arrive

The tanks of La forte squad 6 and support arty makes their entrance.

4 Junos with squad markings

C64 : Company 64
Black Fist : Company marking
Black triangels for the headlights
MA 601 – 604 : Mobile Armour 601-604 , the numbers indicate 6 : Squad, 01: Unit. Taken from WW2 german markings
Individual unit identifier in the entry hatch on top , these are warhammer 40k Tau transfers.

2 Taranis MLRS Battery
I love these models with there their sunk in missle ramp, to bad they’re not that good


C64: Company Marking
M AR 01-02 : Mobile Artillery 01-02
Killmarks on the side of the missle ramp
Squad marking on the front left side
Black triangels for the headlights
Warning markings on the top of the missle ramp


Frantic update , Athena , New Neptunes and Tritons

If there are anyone following this blog you know by now that I’m a lazy bum that don’t update very often. I hope that will change but I don’t think so. But here’s some new updates

4 new neptunes for a total of 5 , all numbered and pimped up with decals.

All neptunes execpt for the first one (which is for my leader) have the markings

64 : Company number

C01-C05 : Carrier 1- 5

The Red and yellow triangels : Indicating lift ships

Skull : Killmarks

2 Scout tritons for my scout walkers or mercury drones

The markings are

C64 : Company 64

SC01-SC02 : Scout Carrier 01-02

Firehazard markings on the missilepods

Black triangels on the 4 exhausts

Group shot

And the Athena. Did some converting on this one by adding 3 fins to make it fell more like a fighter. Extended the front wings abit and put 3 plastictube beneath to indicated more firepower.

Markings :

C64 : Company 64

SAF 004 : Superior Atmosphere Fighter 004

Fist : Company marking

Lightning : squad marking

Hazard markings

Next posting will be my ground armour of 4 junos and the missile thing ( don’t remember the name now )

P.S they’re already done so they should pop up soon.