History of La Forte PHR Mercenaries

The armed forces of the PHR special task force “La Forte” were given the task of establishing a front line base on the cluster world of Yggdrasil. Their mission includes conducting espionage on the other factions and xenobiology research on the Scourge.  In a massive exodus of materials and manpower, the city of Ronoxia was established in a relative short amount of time, all without anyone noticing its construction.


To prevent detection, the city was constructed inside the side of a mountain. High-tech shielding and force barriers were erected to conceal the entrance and whereabouts. The harsh climate zone and hostile terrain make sure very few visitors ever discover the location, but those who do are taken care of in short order.


The city of Ronoxia houses around 200.000 civilians plus the presence of the La Forte military. The visible part of the city is just a fraction of the space used as the city have started to expand into the surrounding rock forming a vast maze of caverns.

La Forte are a highly specialized branch of the PHR military. They serve as a multitask force directly under the white sphere. Conducting infiltration, espionage, armed combat, enginering or all-out war. They are easily recognized by their clenched fist and skull logo that they proudly display.


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