Frantic update , Athena , New Neptunes and Tritons

If there are anyone following this blog you know by now that I’m a lazy bum that don’t update very often. I hope that will change but I don’t think so. But here’s some new updates

4 new neptunes for a total of 5 , all numbered and pimped up with decals.

All neptunes execpt for the first one (which is for my leader) have the markings

64 : Company number

C01-C05 : Carrier 1- 5

The Red and yellow triangels : Indicating lift ships

Skull : Killmarks

2 Scout tritons for my scout walkers or mercury drones

The markings are

C64 : Company 64

SC01-SC02 : Scout Carrier 01-02

Firehazard markings on the missilepods

Black triangels on the 4 exhausts

Group shot

And the Athena. Did some converting on this one by adding 3 fins to make it fell more like a fighter. Extended the front wings abit and put 3 plastictube beneath to indicated more firepower.

Markings :

C64 : Company 64

SAF 004 : Superior Atmosphere Fighter 004

Fist : Company marking

Lightning : squad marking

Hazard markings

Next posting will be my ground armour of 4 junos and the missile thing ( don’t remember the name now )

P.S they’re already done so they should pop up soon.