New stuff and small progress

Got some new stuff in the mail a while ago. Pretty stupid of me since I’ve yet to paint a singel model. But it felt like I need to have some more units to relly call it an army.

So I ordered from Firestorm games in the UK. They have pretty fast delivery and free shipping above a certain amount.

I got

Rulebook and Expansion book

1 Blister of Zeus command walker

1 Blister of Athena

1 Blister of Enyo

1 Blister of Triton

1 Blister of Janus

1 Blister of Hyperion

1 Plastic PHR Starter kit

I wanted the plastic kit to make some cool conversions for my foot troops since the other are in metall. God what a crap buy, and I’ll explain why in a future post.

Some good news is I’ve soon found my painting pattern for the army , here’s a sneak peek, it’s very W.I.P but you get the idee.


The Project starts

Today I got my first figures from Firestorm Games . One of the last starter kits of PHR from the first edition , now that Hawk wargames have launched their new plastic range starterkits. Not to say that the new kits are bad , they look really nice and don’t differ anything from the orginal kits.

Well other than the starter kit I ordered a blister of the Taranis support tank , just because I love the design of it.

Well next stage is assembly and trying out diffrent painting patterns. But that’s for the next post