Mobil armour arrive

The tanks of La forte squad 6 and support arty makes their entrance.

4 Junos with squad markings

C64 : Company 64
Black Fist : Company marking
Black triangels for the headlights
MA 601 – 604 : Mobile Armour 601-604 , the numbers indicate 6 : Squad, 01: Unit. Taken from WW2 german markings
Individual unit identifier in the entry hatch on top , these are warhammer 40k Tau transfers.

2 Taranis MLRS Battery
I love these models with there their sunk in missle ramp, to bad they’re not that good


C64: Company Marking
M AR 01-02 : Mobile Artillery 01-02
Killmarks on the side of the missle ramp
Squad marking on the front left side
Black triangels for the headlights
Warning markings on the top of the missle ramp