Mobil armour arrive

The tanks of La forte squad 6 and support arty makes their entrance.

4 Junos with squad markings

C64 : Company 64
Black Fist : Company marking
Black triangels for the headlights
MA 601 – 604 : Mobile Armour 601-604 , the numbers indicate 6 : Squad, 01: Unit. Taken from WW2 german markings
Individual unit identifier in the entry hatch on top , these are warhammer 40k Tau transfers.

2 Taranis MLRS Battery
I love these models with there their sunk in missle ramp, to bad they’re not that good


C64: Company Marking
M AR 01-02 : Mobile Artillery 01-02
Killmarks on the side of the missle ramp
Squad marking on the front left side
Black triangels for the headlights
Warning markings on the top of the missle ramp


Comparing the resin vs plastic

Well I told you in last post that the plastic kit was a piece of crap but I’m going back on that statement. It was a crap buy for the thing I was buying it for. Let me elaborate a little. The main thing I bought it for was so that I could do some cool conversions with the plastic infantry , since the metal ones are very hard to do anything with.

They look sooooo boring. Well of course i was disappointed, so it’s down to the scenary on the infantary base to spice it up.

Aside from that, the rest of the plastic kit is okey. The dropships and tanks are great to flesh out your troops. But they can’t compare with the resin. The resin has great detail , the plastic don’t. It’s more like shallow detail. So let’s break it down

Plastic dropship

+ The body is in one piece making it look great with no connecting seams

+ No deforming at the nose

– Not the same detail as resin ( some details are removed from the plastic version )

– The points where the fans connect to the body just look flimsy

Resin dropship

+ High detail

– The seam where the 2 body parts connect can be tricky to get right

– Deforming nose , I had to cut and polish alot of material to get it smooth

Plastic tank

+ Great seamless body

+ Details are great on this one , same as the resin

– No problems here

Resin tank

+ It has just a little bit of higher details than it’s plastic counterpart

– The two part body, you’ll need to carve and sandpapper some to get it nice

Plastic walker

+ No seams here also

– Lack of detail on the weapons

– You need to scrap of some plastic seams on the weapons

Resin walker

+ Great detail

+ New models get metal legs for stability

– Older resin models don’t get the metal legs


Infantry –> Huge disappointment, still alot of player will tell you the infantry will meld good with the paintjob. I’m not one of them. 

Dropship –> Very good copy of the resin typ but it’s disappointing with the reduction on detail +++

Tanks –> Excellent model ++++

Walker –> Good for expanding you army , still more detail on the weapons wouldn’t hurt +++